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Small Matters Paralegal is a full service paralegal firm for Landlords. We deal with all aspects of the Landlord & Tenant Act. Below is an example of the process for an eviction. ie: non-payment of rent


1)     Prepare board approved notice form to evict Tenant based on information provided by landlord.

2)     Tenant is notified via service of the board-approved notice.

3)     After a specified waiting period as indicated on the board-approved form, an application to get a hearing date can be filed with the board if the tenant has not paid. The waiting period for non-payment of rent is 14 days. Some forms require a waiting period as long as 60 days.

4)     When the board processes the application, we will receive a notice with a date and time to attend a hearing to potentially evict the Tenant. Small Matters must serve the notice and application on the tenants. It takes 5-7 business days for the board to process the application and schedule a hearing date. The hearing date is typically 3 weeks after the board processes the application.

5)     On the date of the hearing, Small Matters will attend on your behalf to represent your best interests.

6)     We usually receive an order in 7 days explaining the decision of the tribunal hearing.

7)     If an eviction is ordered, the tenant must vacate within the standard time frame of 11 days.

8)     If the Tenant refuses to vacate the premises, the order is filed with the Sheriff. Note an extra disbursement is required for the sheriff.

9)     The Sheriff posts a notice on the door giving 7 days to vacate the unit.

10)   On the date indicated in the notice, the Landlord and Sheriff must go to the unit and change the locks.


It is imperative to follow the proper procedures immediately with delinquent tenants. For non-payment of rent, it can take up to 3 months to have the tenants removed from the premises. Other legal proceedings can take even longer. Delaying the paperwork will only extend the time that it takes to evict the tenant; resulting in a greater loss of rental income and much more aggravation.


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