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Small Matters Paralegal provides solutions for Small Businesses to procure outstanding accounts. Small Mattters has over 38 years of combined experience. Below is an example of the process to obtain judgment. A judgment allows the plaintiff to seize bank accounts, seize receivables, garnish wages and/or place liens on properties. The Plaintiff will be required to provide the correct bank branch, place of employment and/or receivable information to implement the judgment. If the Plaintiff does not possess this information, other methods can be utilized to obtain the information.



1)     A demand letter is prepared and mailed to the debtors giving them 15 days to either pay or setup a re-payment schedule.

2)     If the demand letter does not accomplish the desired results, a Plaintiffs claim is prepared and filed with the Small Claims Court then delivered via personal service to the Defendant.

3)     Once served, the Defendant has 20 days to file a defense with the Small Claims Court.

4)     Should the Defendant file a defense, the Small Claims Court schedules a settlement conference. This is an informal meeting with both parties and a Judge. If the Defendant does not file a defense, judgment can be obtained.

5)     The settlement conference can result in two possible outcomes

-        Both the parties settle and the minutes of settlement are filed with the court.

-        No settlement, claim proceeds to trial.


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